Scultore dell'Anima

From 07/26/2011 To 07/31/2011

Giovanni Casellato by Giovanni Casellato “I have lived with iron my whole life, my father and grandfather were blacksmiths. I remember the nauseating smell of the liquid used for cooling down the circular saws, and the noise, sometimes deafening, sometimes harmonious, while the iron was being cut in the workshop. I remember the pain when touching the tubes, curls or just forged metal and my father’s warning:“Be careful!” Iron is a metal I have learned to love by working with it, and something I almost use with defiance, because it is dirty, heavy, difficult to handle and inconvenient to carry. It is a game, I look for ways to give lightness to very heavy structures such as “Ribbon” which looks soft andn light with its curves but weighs as much as a small car. Just after graduation, I was chosen to participate in the Milan Furniture Fair where I displayed several objects which I designed and manufactured in different materials including iron. The Fair gave me the possibility to meet and get to know many great masters like Achille Castiglioni. He urged me to use iron initially as the material for my work because he saw the capacity I had to mould iron in a way which is very different from the traditional method of “wrought iron“, and I …followed his advice. My first approach to the art world began subsequently, at the same time when I fell in love with iron, and when my children were born, the primary ”muse” inspiration of my work, as in “Filippo’s Kites” che seppur di ferro volano and “Laila’s Little Boats”che simbolizzano la nascita. I was able to let go of the concept of the functional use of iron and to dedicate myself to the pure interpretation of objects and non objects which excites my curiosity and makes me smile."