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Art, fashion, and other drugs are designed to stimulate, aggrandise and confuse the senses. This exhibition offers an exciting trip (no pun intended) through the purest of artistic expressions. In the form of art works like clothes, jewellery, and wearable installations, the pieces tell stories and portray visions that only the brightest creatives and visionaries can provide.

Our OPIUM exhibition of FashionArt + jewellery will introduce groundbreaking up and coming young designers - new talents from all over the world.

The travelling exhibition by Carredor Monaco landed in Moscow at the MARS Centre of New Technology on November 15th 2018, and will stay there until January 30th.

A little bit about our hosts:

The MARS Center of Contemporary Art
MARS is not only the oldest private museum in Moscow, but it is also the country's leading cultural exhibition platform, focused on presenting various new-technology-art projects that engage the viewer in an immersive and interactive environment.

MARS represents both companies and individual leading experts working in the field of VR / AR and multimedia, promoting innovative experimental exhibition projects. It regularly hosts educational events and workshops for children and adults, digital art and new media festivals featuring both Russian and foreign artists, electronic music festivals, performances and other events on a local or an international scale.

Today, MARS fully focuses its attention on the presentation of various new-technology-art projects. In this field, MARS is the undisputed leader among all the exhibition centers of Russia.


 Carredor Monaco Ltd. has introduced FashionArt to this innovative and interdisciplinary space, and Center MARS has provided the perfect exhibition and event venue for our young designers. 



Federico Pinna Serra

Gianni Molaro

Chemi Akutami

Elio Illiano

Alessandra Libonati

Alessandro Lustro

Spazio Raro 3D Jewelry

Alessio Visone


Luca Giannola

Alessandra Aiardo

CPC Design

Chiaki Shimizu

Lauro Samblas

Erica Gray

Flora Miranda


Gabriella De Martino

Paola Mirai