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Carredor Monaco is proud to present

I AM DIGITAL, the capsule collection exhibition by fashion designer FLORA MIRANDA.

(March 18th - April 30th 2019, Center MARS in Moscow) 


This mini collection, shows how the skill and ingenuity of the designer can simultaneously portray Fashion - wearability and contemporaneity, Art - sculpture and creation, and Technology - innovation and fabric.

Flora Miranda, the young, ground breaking, up and coming designer, is a name to watch out for - one you are sure to encounter in the future. One that is sure to play a role in the transformation of the way the world sees fashion, and technology.

Her alien and extravagant world is full of awe and excitement, and we are very honoured to share it with our public.


Sitting on the fence between science and intuition, her innovative creations range from new and unheard of materials in fashion, to 3D digital print, to interactive designs, to Virtual Reality fashion.

The pieces were carefully selected by Carredor Monaco. Staying true to our FashionArt speciality, Flora's new technology fashion is the pinnacle of creative potency. 







Flora Miranda