Who we are and What we do

We are a Fashion Art agency, founded by the Carré Doré Monte-Carlo art gallery. The agency inherits 11 years of the Gallery's experience in Fashion art, along with its long established relations with TV and radio channels (as well as other media partners), its more than 150 conducted events, over 200 represented fashion designers, and of course - it's name: "Carredor Monaco".

Our agency "Carredor Monaco" specialises in developing and assembling the exhibitions of new, talented, and ground-breaking designers (clothes, footwear, accessories, jewellery), touring them throughout the world  and providing them with the PR and exposure they need. 

Our first touring exhibition - "Opium" will travel through Monaco,  Moscow, London, Tokyo, Barcelona and Naples, throughout September 2018-September 2019. 

We are always looking for fresh talent and new collaborations and partnerships. If you would like to join our exhibition, or work with us in any otherway, get in touch!