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 The Carré Doré Monte-Carlo gallery is starting a new project: The Pop Up Shop.

In collaboration with FashiOnMap and AlwaysSupportTalent.com, we have brought together some of our favourite fashion artists and designers in order to bring you a unique and innovative store, that will run throughout the holiday season, in december 2017.

Stop by!

Short description of the designers:

Christmas POP_UP fashionart SHOP

at Carré Doré Montecarlo    1 - 23 December 2017



0770 is a contemporary fashion brand made in Italy. The two designers who are behind this name are Enzo Pirozzi and Irene De Caprio. The creative duo started collaborating in 2003, when they still studying, one at the Academy of costume and fashion, (Rome), and the other at the Institute of Photography and integrated communication, (Rome). Coming from different stories intertwine their background complementing . Enzo, with a history in the family's tailor, has a passion for fabrics, attention to detail and volumes. Irene, coming from a family devoted to aerospace, brings a love of technology. Both lovers of art, music, theater and cinema fuse their know-how and their love into their creations. The creative path that takes to the realization of a collection is always different but the common denominators: the study of the tribe of style and the emotional and psychological impact of art. Their creations are made with the most advanced technologies but always refined and assembled by hand, getting digital handcraft. The high tech vision does not overlook the importance of ethics and materials with low environmental impact, such as vegetable tanned leathers and all exclusively made in Italy. The mood of the brand is strong, sometimes futuristic contemporary, in any case, flirty at 'north European Avantgarde. The frequent use of monochromatic associated geometries, asymmetries and sought volumes to create a strong and fascinating visual impact. The concept of 0770 is to create clothes and accessories that have added value uniqueness.The fashion of 0770 is understood not as "disposable" but more as an object of desire.The woman who opts for 0770 is not wearing a simply creation but chooses to live it, is a cosmopolitan person, is contemporary, fascinated by its uniqueness and cradled in its essence. 


ALESSANDRA AIARDO She was born in Turin and she moves to Naples, a city that will artistically form her.

She attends the Belle Atri Academy, starting from the study of engraving,  painting and photography.

The passion for fashion and design introduces her to the world of fashion design.

Each jewel (piece unique) born from an artistic project, from color analysis to form study, to manipulation of selected materials. As Pearls, Brass, bronze, jade, plexiglass, and precious stones.

Combining all in a mix of contemporary and retro style.

Welcome in the universe of this handsome and very talented Jewels Designer: Alessandra Aiardo


DLD COLLECTION  LONDON. D&L Collection´s desire is to inspire women to feel more distinguished and genuinely precious with each personalized, hand-made dress. The Brazilian Designers    Leandro Damasceno and Dario Lima, combine 25 years of experience in creating beauty in fashion and as make-up artists.




From Tokyo Japan Chemi Akutami was born in Gifu City in Gifu .His goal is to introduce Mino Washi and the beauty of Japanese contemporary art. The new collection « AKITSU KIMONO » is a reinterpretation of the traditional kimono in a contemporary European style, which, according to the artist "breaks the rigid and erroneous ideas of traditional Japanese classics."


DIDIMARA          The DIDIMARA, Ltd., is a project developed as a private limited company, by Fashion designer and modeler  Diana Matias and the concept is based on creating her own brand of clothing under the name of DIDIMARA.

The designer develops three collections: DIDIMARA Couture, DIDIMARA Prêt-à-Porter and DIDIMRA Brides The entrepreneurial project has two facets, the design, creation and production of its own diverse collections and the opening of several unique selling points, including a store in Lisbon and one in Porto. 

ELIO ILLIANO He started his own label in 2008. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and the Fashion Academy, he now collaborates with various high fashion studios in Naples. His creations are deconstructed in an eclectic style, and his concepts come from Italian high fashion, like crafted Neapolitan suits,  in order to make his work a mix, between the commercial and the conceptual. His work has a cosmopolitan spirit and a sense of freedom.Elio is currently a stylist in his favorite city, Naples, creating exclusive clothes and collaborating with various brands. 

LES MIRÓ TRICOT is the name of CAPSULE COLLECTION by Elio Illiano.

The idea stems from the great admiration of the designer for the great artist Joan Miró who has always looked at his works with curiosity, considering them enigmatic and at the same time ironic.Les Miró Tricot are woolen sweaters with wide and short cut edges designed by the designer, embroidered by the maxi-paillettes, handmade and coordinated by various shapes and colors, from the primary to the complementary ones that remind the artist in a modern and fun key to show on high waist jeans or leggings, short skirts or long and stylish skirts.


GEORGE ROLLO is a 19 year old, U.K. based artist.

Starting at the very tender age of 8, I started drawing in my school  books with the school's crayolas. Then that developed to pencils, then paint and spray-paint and that resulted in where I am today. 

 At around 15/16 years old, I knew I really wanted to step up and develop my name in the Art Industry. I knew I had to establish and mature my style, thus resulting in some of the most unique Artwork out there. From 14 years old, I have had the pleasure of having my Artwork displayed in the house's of some of the most influential names in the music world, such as Pia Mia, members of Drake's OctobersVeryOwn, Kid Ink and Tyga. From receiving thousands of emails and messages, I have now decided to make my work more available to buy, but still wanting to keep them exclusive. I hand draw every design in my studio then get it printed at a professional printing establishment very close to me so I can keep a check on quality control and make sure every print is as it should be, ready to ship out the next day. 


Ready to wear -  Women clothes -  100%Made in France -  French Riviera


by Antonella Stanzione Jewels Designer .The inspiration comes from the great artists of the twentieth century, such as Picasso, De Chirico, Magritte, Esher, Botero, Le Corbusier, Dali: their most famous works are engraved on precious cameos and bronzes by the skilled hands of Neapolitan craftsmen with gold frames and silver, embellished with diamonds, topazes and baroque pearls that give birth to the collection of "Art Jewelry". With this purpose, the aim is to blend the love for the tradition of the cameo with the message of modernity for which contemporary artists became immortal through soft, abstract and timeless lines. A classic modernity. 


KRYSTEL ANN ART is a contemporary art gallery opened in 2016 by Chrystelle Merabli and Olivier Tharsis, two art collector and active agent in the promotion of caribbean culture, they present ANAIS VERSPAN Anais Verspan started her professional life as the manager of an afro-caribbean fashion boutique.

However her artist-friends decided her to unveil all the aspects of her creativity to the general public and, in April 2010 she launched her first solo exhibition BIGIDIPLAKATA in the Imagin'Art gallery in Sainte-Rose, Guadeloupe. Actually Anais studied art at IRAVM ( the Regional Visual Arts Institute in Martinique) for 3 years.Since then, she has elaborated, tested and managed to find the alchemy for a singular signing. 2014 was the year that confirmed her as a Guadeloupe artist in the the world of art 

Her challenge consists in conceptualizing the elements of a rhizomic thought i.e the stature of the Guadeloupean being, its culture, the Gwo Ka* and Màs a senjan* spirituality as the essence of an universal art.


LUCA TAIANA is a story of passion and dedication that of Luca Taiana. An endless journey in search of knowledge and know-how that comes to life in 1978 in Como, where

since 1700 the genius loci is dedicated to the excellence in textile and clothing.

Luca Taiana like to be considered a “pure creative” more than an entrepreneur, because innovation and experimentation are part of his soul.

The inspiration for its garments and fabrics comes to him from every situation: the whole world can be inspiring when viewed with alert and curious eyes.

In his ideal world, made of clothing, jeans and T-shirts, he does not hesitate to dive, getting his hands dirty and deftly maneuvering between fabrics and finishes, chlorine and bleaching, in search of the best match for its avant-garde creations.

He is an Art love, in all its forms and expressions, and this love is expressed through a creativity that found an outlet in painting, singing and cooking.


JEAN ANGIE KASER Born 1988, in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He studied at Faculty of Textile Technology, Department of Fashion Design, Zagreb, Croatia. 

Capsule Collection  "F MINIMALISM" is my third authorial collection, through which I’m questioning today's society and through fashion media I criticize...

Although at first glance it seems to be criticizing the minimalistic direction and the title of the collection itself has a „negative“ connotation, that is not the case.

The collection "F Minimalism" criticizes the abuse of it. Abuse in the fashion world. Most of young designers, today, they are increasingly fleeing to minimalism and there is no more those aggressiveness and moving the boundaries in fashion. There is no courage...

Collection criticizes as well minimalism in interpersonal relationships, alienation, loneliness, egotizam.

One part of the collection also came from a personal revolt. As I was criticized in the first two collections. Criticized for my work to be overwhelming, too theatrical. 

To express this concept I used non-colors (black, gray, white), transparent materials - with which I uncover the body. Also by ejecting the seams (normally hidden) onto the surface and constructively dislocating certain parts of the garment. 

By my own view of minimalism, I criticize minimalism. 





 SPAZIO RARO JEWLES 3D We present a selection of RARO jewels with the know-how of irresistible Italian elegance dictated by unique and state-of-the-art shapes. With a rebellious, innovative and evolving style, we are creating new jewels in 3D printing.

Our bright, sleek, elegant colors and a touch of irony create a perfect balance of experimental jewel with a unique shape that fits every look. Let yourself be inspired by our jewelery in 3D printing and come and discover new dandelion rings and pompons. 


NEVER FADE by Terence Eben is a London brand born in Soho


ARTNICE Małgosia and Sébastien design and make jewelry together in Nice, France. Names of their jewelry collections allude to iconic places on the French Riviera. “Less is (the new) more” Małgosia has brought into the team her innate creativity along with a long-standing and deeply rooted passion for art, design, literature, cinema and fashion, which have always fueled her ideas. Despite the profusion of inspiration sources, she has a very clear idea of what she wishes to communicate through her designs.  “Art must remain a fight” : Sébastien is a painter by trade, although his interests encompass also graphic art, sculpture and fashion. For Sébastien, inspiration comes from working and handling different materials. Thus, he comes up with the majority of ideas for new designs while experimenting in his studio.  Jewelry created by the two is the product of the synergy between their multiple influences and methods of work. From this diversity of backgrounds and influences, new collections and unique pieces emerge. Despite their diversity, these minimalistic bracelets, rings and necklaces have a common denominator: they are a celebration of the modernist spirit.  Małgosia and Sébastien design and make their «wearable sculptures» for men and women who look for “understated statement jewelry”, unique and timeless pieces that are sophisticated in their simplicity.  



Vera is an Italian artist, illustrator and fashion accessories designer. She grew up in Sardinia, where she developed her sense of colors surrounded by a sparkling turquoise sea and uncontaminated sunny nature; creativity has always been a major part of her life, finding inspiration on fashion, travels and everyday life.Bold colors and vivacity with a sprinkle of humor are characteristic on her artworks. She loves mixing inks, acrylics and markers on surfaces like paper, silk, canvas and natural textiles.Fashion, lifestyle, still life, jewelry and everything that brings joy are her favorite subjects, often also translated across various venues of fashion, interiors and stationery. Her inspirational character is a cosmopolitan woman, feminine and elegant, with kissing lips and big expressive eyes, living her happy, funny-chic and fashionable life.

Vera Givèl illustrated handbags have appeared in fashion magazines like Vogue Accessories, Elle, Vanity Fair and Grazia among others.


Alessandra Aiardo


Chemi Akutami

Elio Illiano

Jean-Angie Kaser

Nadir Maut