Tribute to David Bowie

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Tribute to DAVID BOWIE  

Exhibition at Carré Doré Monte-Carlo from the16th of December 2016 - 31st of January  2017 

Curator: Flavia Cannata

The Carré Doré gallery monte-Carlo pays its tribute to David Bowie. 

The exhibition is entirely dedicated to the extraordinary pop icon - one of the most audacious, influential, and innovative artist of the contemporary musical world. A chameleon par excellence, a visionary, extremely attentive to all new trends. Through this exhibition, we aim to express our love and admiration for the artist who, throughout his 5 decades of stardom, was able to keep up with the changing times, all while staying true to himself and his fans. The gallery has gathered several artists who were able to observe and reinterpret the creative process of the White Duke. Their pieces show just how much his work has penetrated and impacted the wide range of creative fields like art, fashion, photography, design, theatre and contemporary culture in general. Ziggy Stardust has left an permanent mark on visual pop culture. 


"Bowie has managed to stay relevant throughout the constant shift of eras and trends, a trend-setting icon that has influenced the taste and the style of various generations. I could never imagine another artist who could have done in many lifetimes what he did in 50 years. » 

Maurizio Di Maggio Journalist and speaker at  RMC


The exhibition is open to all David Bowie fans until January 31st 2017, and the PRIVATE PARTY  (by invitation only) will take place on the 10th of January 2017, the anniversary date of his passing. 

Many of the exhibited artists will be present during the event. 


THE PROGRAMME : from Tokyo Kaptain Rock , the young Maxime Vauchet and the artist and compositeur Marcus Marin will present their musical interpretations dedicated to Bowie, created especially for this event.



Twenty-Three  artists, renown worldwide, will present wonderful and inedited artwork, most of which were created especially for this exhibition. There will be more than 30 pieces, ranging from photography to paintings, from fashion to design, from illustration to sculptures.. 


 This exhibition will feature:



CHEMI AKUTAMI and his reinterpretation of the traditional kimono in a contemporary european style, which, as the artist puts it, “shatters the rigid and misiformed ideas of japanese traditions.”  DASHA STRAVINSKY Is a fashion brand created in 2011. Her signature certifies the swift transition from fashion of the past, to the fashion of the future. DAVID SHILLING founding father of modern millinery, as well as sculpter, DJ, and interior designer, whose extravagant hats have been worn by the Royal British Family. SEBASTIEN DI NATALE his Oxybronzes are the result of extensive artistic research, through which he combines the art of oxidized bronze with the clean lines of symbolic representations. ERIK SALIN Involved by the Pop Art movement, His sculptures and paintings are timeless, modern and innovative. FASHION EXPERIENCE the Monaco Fashion Team will pay its tribute to David Bowie, with the help of couturier creations that will take part in the expo. GERALDINE MORIN a bright witness of youth, each work of art which is both a sculpture and a painting is an answer to the grey monotony of life. GIANNI MOLARO FashionArt designer and artist, who has been baptised as the “new Salvador Dali” by the critics. GIANNI VERSACE Private Collection by A. Caravano - the biggest GV collection in the world. GIL ZETBASE Fashion Photographer for covers glossy magazines as L'Officiel, COTE, Bereg and others. Who also transforms his photos into a real pop art pictures.  HIROYUKI KIKUCHI Artistic director of illustration, graphic conceptor and photographer. LAURO SAMBLAS Fashion illustrator and street artist, who has worked for Gucci, Perrier, Converse, Desigual, etc.  MARCOS MARIN artist, sculptor and composer, the Monaco Royal Family’s favorite artist.  MARIE ESCOTE fashion creator, whose Bowie-inspired piece has been on tour with the Italian singer Laura Pausini, and many others... MARKUS KLINKO celebrity photographer; his photos of David Bowie are currently on a world tour.  MICHAEL EDERY brings a new feature to pop art, one that lies half-way between past and modern movements.  NATALI DE LYRIK designer from Baltic Countries. Her jewelry 100 percent handmade and each unique dress Red Carpet Cannes Film Festival. JAMES COCHRAN Australian artist known for his “urban narrative” paintings and his “drip painting” style. One of his most famous street-art works is “Tribute to Bowie” in Brixton.  PRISCO DE VIVO painter, sculptor, designer, poet. Represented by Sabina Albano’s ModArt Gallery, Naples.  VITORIA BAS the youngest artist of this exhibition, and her illustration series called “Why Was David Bowie So Important”. SALVIO PARISI  photographer and journalist for the italian magazine “Il Mattino”.  ZIVO Artist, painter, photographer, sculptor, his work is made of various materials like bronze, aluminium, leather, resin, and fiberglass.

(A big thank you to all photgraphers, especially Beatriz Moreno)


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