Immortal Icons

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Under the patronage of Mr André de Montigny, Honorary Consul of Brazil in Monaco and Mr Claude Pallanca, Honorary Consul General of Russia in Monaco, for the first time in the cultural history of Monaco, two art galleries joined forces to present their vision of contemporary art and create a new meeting space for art lovers in Monaco.

The  Carré Doré Gallery and the Reis & Maas Gallery  presented their  exhibitions in a joint event on 28th of  June 2012. 

The Carré Doré Gallery dedicated its exhibition entitled "Immortal Icons” to three women who have left their lasting memory in history, due to their beauty, elegance, mystery and grace:  Marilyn Monroe, Mona Lisa, and Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco. Internationally renowned artists exhibited their representation of these women: Jin Bo, Ludmila Radchenko, Zorikto and Marcos Marin.   

The Reis & Maas Gallery’s new exhibition was centred on Africa. For the occasion, artist Sandra Biloé  gave an exceptional performance, creating a live work on the theme of Africa and icons.






Marcos Marin