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Private FashInAction Party, held on July 6th 2017 at Carré Doré.

Each guest took part of a story, and had to play a different part. Each got an interview and a photoshoot, and the whole evening will be turned into a little movie by our filmmaker partner, Jules-François Ferrillon.

Photos by Thierry Torres


All Things Suzette

Alessandra Aiardo

Chemi Akutami

Lauro Samblas

Michael Edery

Jean Jacques Ribi

Raphael Vicenzi

Spazio Raro 3D Jewelry

Erik Salin

Jean-Angie Kaser

Miguel Vallinas

Andrey Bartenev

Markus Klinko

Shinya Yamaguchi

Chiaki Shimizu

Takako Hotta

Chiara Fontana

Federico Pinna Serra

Elio Illiano