Design Jewelry

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The Carré Doré Gallery Monte-Carlo exhibits and sells contemporary jewelry inspired by art or made by artists.

To cite just two examples out of many that our exhibition halls welcome annually:

- precious and refined pieces of "MEAORNAMENTA" Collection by ANTONELLA STANZIONE (Italy), inspired entirely by artwork of masters like Magritte, Picasso, Le Corbusier and Botero;

- collection of 2016 "CANCELLI D'ARGENTO" by ALESSANDRA LIBONATI JEWELS, whereby Architecture was the source of inspiration, in particular - the ancient gates of Naples’ Dome Cathedral and the entrance gate of  the "Museo del Tesoro di San Gennaro" in Naples.



Alessandra Aiardo

Alessandra Libonati

Spazio Raro 3D Jewelry

Antonella Stanzione

Noushka Trendy Jewels